Healthcare on the high street.

We're passionate about making healthcare and wellbeing part of everyday life. To do this we're bringing primary healthcare and wellbeing services to the high street and helping to revitalise town centres.

We know our healthcare services need to be improved - primary healthcare is in desperate need of upgrade to relieve pressure on A&E wards across the country and local GP services are often not fit for purpose. Many GP surgeries are located in out-of-town areas, difficult for people to reach using public transport and occupy buildings, such as converted houses, not best suited to meet the needs of patients or provide state-of-the-art services.

Our goal is to develop health and wellbeing zones in easy to access locations across town centres and on the high street. Premises will be equipped to accommodate the very latest primary healthcare facilities, including space for dentists, opticians, pharmacies, physiotherapists and whatever other services are needed in local areas.

We will bring together the key stakeholders - GP practices, property owners, town centre managers - to create a business model that stimulates investment and development. Then we will secure property opportunities and manage the implementation and delivery of the overall strategy.

The impact of bringing healthcare to the high street extends beyond the economic benefit - by creating better access to healthcare and wellbeing facilities we are helping to build happier and healthier communities.