Hatching plans for learning and enterprise.

We're helping to create future leaders and entrepreneurs in science and technology by developing ideas for incubator hubs and vocational learning that will enable young people to realise their potential.

Alongside our partner, 2Bio (co-founders of MerseyBio and Liverpool Life Sciences UTC), we're developing investible initiatives to stimulate the next generation of life sciences and bio-technology entrepreneurs in London. To ensure success we are combining our experience in property development, business start-ups and project management with 2Bio's expertise in biotech incubators.

Working together we will create incubator hubs that provide a base for early-stage businesses, nurturing potential and creating the opportunity for investors to share in their success. The hubs will be located in central London, the emerging centre for life sciences and technology in Europe.

We are currently undertaking research and preparing development and investment appraisals while bringing together those who will make this initiative a success - investors, banks, developers, local authorities and operator organisations. Moving forward we will lead on all aspects of the delivery and implementation, while 2Bio develops the pipeline and operational strategy.

We're also working with 2Bio on initiatives to bring life sciences and business learning to the classroom so that young people will have the academic and entrepreneurial skills needed to convert their ideas into successful and sustainable enterprises.